Pros and Cons To Using A Surveillance Cameras For Your Home Or Business

May 1, 2019
 |  Security Cameras

With advancement in technology making it possible to fit more and more electrical systems in an increasingly smaller space, video surveillance cameras have become a more and more essential part in ensuring the security of homes, businesses, and property.

But is everything about surveillance cameras good? If not, what are some of the cons of having such a system in your home or office?

Read on to find out:

Pros of video surveillance cameras

  1. You have eyes on your property around the clock
    The biggest reason security cameras are gaining popularity is because they let you have eyes on your home or loved ones all the time. Cameras with infrared technology will even let you monitor during the night.

    This way, you always know what is going on at home or in your business even when you are not physically present.

  2. Fast alerts and shorter response times
    Most surveillance security systems have an alert system. Depending on your settings, you may get notified in real time when a motion or sound trigger is activated.

    This lets you take action fast. In case of burglaries or emergencies, you can call the necessary services and get the situation managed fast.Using video surveillance cameras significantly reduces response times compared to most other systems.

  3. Visual Evidence
    In case of a burglary, having a surveillance system in place could be the difference between getting your property back and the thieves apprehended or having them get lost in the wind.

    Properly placed cameras can capture vehicle license plates numbers and clear shots of someone’s face. These can be used as evidence in court too.

Cons of surveillance cameras

  1. Limited angle of view
    Unless you have the budget for high-end, professional grade cameras, your cameras will not have a 360-degree angle of view. You will, therefore, be ‘blind’ if someone approaches from behind.

    A solution to this would be to have a network of cameras strategically placed to cover all entryways and places of importance.

  2. Makes people uncomfortable
    Privacy is always a sensitive topic and a very important one when you are planning to put up cameras in your home or office. No one likes being watched, and it will most probably cause some negative reactions – even when they are not recording.

    It is recommended to let everyone in your home or office (including guests) know that you have a surveillance camera system in place. If you are only installing the system for surveillance when no one is around, making this known, will make people more comfortable.

  3. Nothing is perfect
    No matter how good your home or business surveillance camera system is, there will still be circumstances where keeping an eye on your property or responding to an emergency will be very difficult in the least.

    Some examples of such are when you are sleeping, on a vacation in a different country, in an area with bad Wi-Fi or cell phone reception, or when driving or swimming.

There are pros and cons to pretty much everything in this world including your safety. When it comes to security, Sentry Communications can help you feel more relaxed about your decision in purchasing a Surveillance System for your residence or business. Contact Us or call (866) 573-6879.