Whole House Audio/Video

Our expertly designed whole house audio systems allow you to create your desired ambiance and entertain guests for parties, events and get togethers. Our high-fidelity quality components and multi-zone music distribution options allow our clients to play their favorite music throughout the inside and outside of their home.

With our whole-house distribution video systems, shows and movies can be accessed simultaneously from your DVD/Blu-ray player, Satellite Dish or Closed Circuit TV Cameras on any television in any part of your home. With a centralized system, there is no longer a need for additional DVD players or video equipment.

Home Theater

Bring the experience of a movie theater right to your home. Sentry designs home theater packages to suit every budget and room, so our cutting-edge theater systems can be implemented for large-scale theater rooms and family rooms alike.


We offer integrated lighting control solutions complete with motorized shades for ultimate comfort in your own home. With exclusive silent technology, our one-touch control shades are long lasting and built for convenience.

Our lighting solutions and services offer customizable light control at the touch of a button. With a multitude of programming options, you can coordinate your systems to close the shades, dim the lights and start your media system. There are additional settings for waking up in the morning and going to sleep each night. Both wire and wireless control solutions are available and can integrate with existing systems.

We offer total home technology solutions for climate control of your home around the clock. Our technology allows for multiple locations and zones to be pre-set, inputting energy efficient temperatures for when you’re out of the house. Use your smart device to control and monitor your home HVAC system remotely.

Backyard Audio/Video

We can design a weather-resistant AV system that camouflages right into your landscaping. Our experts will customize your audio video plan to blend seamlessly into your outdoor property. For outdoor television viewing, we have a selection of weatherized flat screen TV’s with screen coatings for optimal image, regardless of the weather. We are seasoned professionals in designing and installing residential theater systems for homes like yours.

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