It is crucial that every property — commercial and residential — has fire prevention and detection systems properly and professionally installed to protect loved ones, homes, businesses and all of their occupants against the destruction a fire can cause.

At Sentry, each installation is engineered with great precision by our highly trained experts. Using advanced equipment from top manufacturers, our team is dedicated to implementing fire alarm systems that ensure the safety of the premises and all individuals within it.

Sentry is an elite provider of Gamewell FCI Fire Alarm Systems in the New York area. With expertly trained technicians, Sentry utilizes the latest technologies available to design your fire alarm systems.

We are proud to offer maintenance support services to existing fire alarm systems as well as new system installation services. Sentry’s fire alarm designs and installations strictly follow the parameters of every state and local code and NFPA codes. Additionally, we provide assistance in the removal and correction of commercial and residential fire alarm associated violations.

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