For small, medium and large scale applications, Sentry’s access control solutions come in a variety of comprehensive designs to meet your site specific requirements. Sentry provides access control systems from top manufacturers such as Continental Access, Honeywell NetAXS, Keri Systems and many others. Sentry can install an access control solution for interior or exterior doors, gates, vehicle entry points and barriers. Access control systems can successfully verify identity, and track and enable entry time for workforce arrivals and departures.

Access Control Systems can restrict access to high security restricted locations, efficiently track time and attendance management, and can record tens of thousands of entries. You can customize your level of security by adding or deleting users at your own discretion.

Contact Sentry today to discuss these and additional door access systems available: Card Access Systems, Biometric (Fingerprint) Readers, Keypad Access.

Keypad Access

If your commercial or residential location calls for a more conventional door access system, a keypad door access system is the right fit for you. Keypad systems allow entry with a simple PIN code. Safe for indoor or outdoor use, keypad door access controllers are tamper and weather resistant.

Choose from push-button or illuminated touchscreen digital display keypads. Owners may assign or delete temporary codes as necessary. Keypad access controls have automatic timing features that allow users to program access at certain times and in multiple locations.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control is well on its way to becoming a billion dollar industry and the reasons are simple. Moving access control to the cloud means you can manage your locations from anywhere you have an internet connection. The days of purchasing an expensive server, maintaining meticulous backups and applying constant updates are gone. When it comes to instant scalability, worry-free administration and reducing costs, a cloud-based access control solution is unparalleled.

Below is a sampling of some of the access control equipment we supply and install. Contact Sentry today to discuss these and additional door access systems available:

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