What’s The Difference Between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras

January 4, 2021
 |  Security Cameras  |  Surveillance Cameras

It can be a little confusing, but security cameras and surveillance cameras are two different things for the purpose of security. Surveillance cameras keep an eye on what is happening around while the security cameras do further and ring the alarm to prevent the attack or theft. Let us understand both security and surveillance cameras to draw a clear difference.

What is surveillance?

Surveillance is considered as the act of watching something that is happening around. It helps in detecting what is wrong and where it is wrong. You can add the surveillance cameras at home, school, or your business to keep everything in check and balance. It is done with CCTV cameras’ help that captures the real time video and then displays it on the monitor screen. If we take an example, You can install security cameras to your business or your property, and then the control of these cameras allow you to watch the actual footage to your phone, tablet, or your monitor, whether you are at the place or not. Surveillance cameras can just capture the video but cannot do a response. At times the surveillance cameras video without a response from you or delayed response is something terrible. So for this purpose are security cameras. Let us discuss security cameras.

What is security?

Security cameras with a connected security system can do further good for you. Security cameras are mostly attached to a security system that lets the security system take an action when there is something wrong around your property, business, or company. So, the security system actually produces a response that surveillance cameras cannot. Security cameras are used for different different things such as security systems or heat, water, glass break, door, windows, or fire. When the particular security is breached, the sensors create an alarm and inform the user about the trouble that is going around. Security cameras and security systems can work 24/7 without any break. Here are three different kinds of security cameras


These are the most common type of security cameras. It can contact the local authorities when the alarm is turned off. It can also send you a security message that your property’s security is at risk.


Here you receive the instant notifications about different kinds of breaches. As the name suggests, these are self-monitored and need you to take any action in response to the trouble, and you can take the help of authorities for this purpose.

Local security

These are the most basic types of security systems. These ring the loud alarms or sirens that can be heard almost immediately when there is a breach. These alarms mean that you can call authorities to take action because there is something wrong.


Security and surveillance cameras are not the same things. They are different as per their need. Surveillance cameras let you keep an eye on what is happening around you; however, security cameras are much advanced and can alarm you or authorities to prevent major harm. Homeowners use both security and surveillance cameras, business owners for different purposes.

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