Best Places to Install Surveillance Cameras

January 15, 2019
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Security has been an issue for most homeowners and business owners. Burglars and thieves have broken into most homes taking valuable items. When the police investigate, their job isn’t made easy particularly if there were no video surveillance systems in place. Thus, it’s important to have security cameras installed on your property to help prevent break-ins. And besides offering evidence, the sight of a security camera keeps off crooks that may have any plans to steal.

Before delving into the best places to install video surveillance systems, it’s important to get the right one first. If you have no knowledge of which system is best, seek professional assistance first. With that out of the way, let us go straight into these places;

Main entrances

It might seem obvious that crooks will avoid major entrance but it’s not.  Most of them use the front doors and back doors. They will behave like any visitor or family friend to avoid suspicion, knock at the door or even look for the key under the rock or mat where you leave it. They will make sure there are no people or dogs before breaking-in.  You see, it’s a good idea to place surveillance cameras pointing to main entrances.

Blind spots

You may need a security expert to point these places for you. You will be surprised at how well burglars and thieves stalk out a place taking note of the entry points with less security. Whether it’s the backyards or off-street windows, make sure you install video surveillance systems in any blind spots, those least likely places to raise security concerns.

The garage

The driveway to the garage and in the garage itself is a good place for security cameras as well. Even if you have no car or any expensive item in the garage, install cameras anyway. The garage is also an entry point for crooks. CCTV cameras at this area also ensures that no damage comes to your belongings and in case an unfortunate break-in happens, the cameras catch all the action.


Why would I need cameras in the house if I have installed them outdoors? Well, the answer is simple. Maximum security. If burglars manage to disarm outdoor security or get past them, the indoor cameras will get a good view of their faces and any other details of the break-in. Indoor cameras should point to the hallways and entry points.

Weather-proof areas

Sun glare can deter proper identification of thieves. Therefore, install video surveillance systems in a position with no glare and ensure that it can still capture clear images at night as well. Additionally, avoid any other elements such as vegetation that will hinder clear vision.

Out of reach areas

Video surveillance cameras should be placed where people can’t tamper with them. However they should still provide a perfect image. Placing the cameras 9 feet from the ground is reasonable as well as enclosing them to prevent damage from rocks thrown at them.

Video surveillance systems are useless if they can’t take clear images and if they aren’t positioned at the right place. The above are some of the best places to install surveillance cameras for maximum security.