Sentry is a leading provider in phone system supply, installation and service for both commercial and residential environments. For clear and quality communication, we provide an array of state-of-the-art solutions with seamless integration capabilities into current phone system infrastructures. Our support plans, consulting, number transferring, management and maintenance services ensure your phone systems are always working at optimal performance.

Using a scalable alternative to standard voice services significantly decreases management and capital costs for your various locations. Our team assists with phone consulting services, number transferring, number purchasing and phone system management. Sentry’s experts optimize communication systems, guaranteeing that ease of accessibility between multiple parties is right at your fingertips.

Private Branch Exchange

A PBX is virtually a smaller version of your phone company’s central switching office. It works by keeping track of all of your outgoing and incoming calls, connects external callers with internal extension lines and provides internal extensions with one another. With its many automated features, the PBX can be custom designed to meet your particular needs. PBX systems can house hundreds of different phone lines. The PBX offers a variety of automated features supporting visual voicemail, multi-party conferences and Find Me / Follow Me, allowing for thousands of lines and hundreds of extensions to be programmed.

Voice Over IP/VoIP

Harness the full potential of your company’s central switching system by choosing VoIP which utilizes the internet, rather than standard phone lines to dial and receive phone calls. Substantially reducing the cost for maintenance, lines and equipment, VoIP phones integrate data and voice into one easy-to-manage service. Named the fastest growing technology of the past decade, VoIP offers increased functionality and provides mobility, flexibility and scalability with its cost effective solutions.

Key Systems

Key Systems are often utilized by smaller-scale companies. Key Systems offer multiple features such as intercoms, paging capabilities, hold buttons, speakerphone, music-on-hold, voice mail and memory dialing. Key System phones have several buttons that act as individual lines. In comparison to a PBX system, Key System phones offer less options for customizability. For small businesses, however, Key Systems provide all the features necessary for efficient communication. Key Systems are compatible with existing phone system infrastructures, saving customers time and money.

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