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IP HD Video Camera Surveillance System

Sentry provides a variety of High Definition Recorders. Our IP HD video camera surveillance system designs can cover any and every square inch of your commercial or residential property, and can be accessed in real time from nearly every mobile device.

Depending on the application required by our customers, we can use a host of brand name recorders from Hikvision, Panasonic, Digital Watchdog, Axis, ExacqVision and many others. If necessary, our industry-leading IT department can custom build recorders for certain applications.

PTZ Security Cameras

PTZ cameras have the unique ability, depending on positioning, to extend their field of view to cover an entire 360 degree location. One or two PTZ cameras can successfully do the job that would otherwise require a multi-camera installation. PTZ cameras are weatherproof, built to withstand extreme weather conditions. With built-in motion tracking, tilting and zooming, automatic panning, night vision and full-range auto focus, the camera’s image will be crisp and clear no matter its position. PTZ cameras minimize cost while maximizing your security.

License Plate Cameras

License Plate Capture cameras do more than simply capture an image of a license plate. The LPC cameras come with a video analytics feature that converts the license plate images into data to compare in a database. License plate cameras can capture license plates moving at over 60 miles an hour.


High definition over Coax technologies work by converting analog signals into digital signals. HD-over-Coax gathers video and data control signals and transfers them over a single coaxial cable. This substantially simplifies the installation process as it runs on your existing analog cabling . The lengthy task and cost of changing cabling to suit an IP based system is avoided when implementing the HD-over-Coax solution.

Below are a sampling of the various camera styles we offer:

HD Recorders

Security recording devices store the footage viewed by your video cameras. Sentry supplies and installs many types of recording devices that store, monitor and protect your video.

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Real-Time Video Monitoring

24/7, 365 days a year, Sentry partners with Global Guardian to provide real-time interactive video monitoring for customer protection, break-in prevention and absolute peace of mind.

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