Fire & Burglar Alarm Monitoring

When it comes to fire and burglar alarms, it is critical that the response is rapid and handled with precise professionalism. Sentry’s 24-hour UL Listed Central Station is staffed by highly trained technicians, and is the most technologically advanced alarm monitoring center in the world. When an alarm is triggered, there can be no room for error. Whether you are protecting your business or home, we ensure your emergency is handled with unparalleled accuracy, 24/7. Our fire and burglar alarm monitoring services can be fully integrated within all systems we install.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

A UL Listed Central Station Monitoring system is the first step in fully securing your business or home. Sentry's 24-hour UL Listed Central Station Monitoring provides unmatched expertise, speed and dependability when you need it most. For rapid reliability and laser-sharp accuracy, Sentry’s 24-hour UL Listed Central Station offers the exact professionalism you would expect from your security system provider.

Whenever a burglar alarm is triggered, an emergency signal is sent to our 24/7 UL Central Station Monitoring Center with the nature of the emergency enclosed. Your response plan will be identified with emergency instructions. After notifying you, operators instantly dispatch authorities. Your security is our top priority, always.

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