What is The Right Phone System for Small Business?

March 30, 2020
 |  Communications

The choice of a Phone system for small business depends on the type of company. You do not need to go through all the providers in your area to find the best system. In this article, we will discuss all the types of the phone system and will also share the pros and cons. Using this information, you can choose a system that can best suit your needs.

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Types of Phone System for Small Business

Most of the people think that a phone is a phone. But there are many telecommunication technologies available for the small business owners. To help you with your research, we will share the common types of Phone systems for small businesses.

Traditional Phone System for Small Business

It is the old phone system that was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. This type includes a phone jack to connect the phone of your office to service. This phone will stay on the desk, and that is why it is called a private branch exchange (PBX) phone system.

This type has a headset and can come with multiple or single lines. If you want flexibility, then you can go for hosted PBX. You also need to choose the right hardware for the phone system.



VOIP Phone System for Small Business

VOIP or voice over internet protocol is one of the standard Phone systems for small businesses these days. They have similar features as the traditional phone system but with lower cost. You need a high-speed internet connection in the office to make a call. You can either buy VOIP hardware or can answer the calls from the computer. Due to their flexibility, this system is the best option for any business. You can also add new users as your business grows.



Virtual Phone System for Small Business

It sounds like a new technology of the future, but it is just an upgraded form of traditional PBX systems. This telecommunication technology can work with your mobile phone and use cloud technology. If you need your employees to keep in contact with each other, then it is the best option.
Furthermore, this system can work with your mobile phone, computers, handsets etc. It is a versatile phone system and provides your lot of options when it comes to the hardware. Furthermore, you can upgrade the system as you like in the future.



Which phone system is best for your small business? It depends on your requirements. Contact Sentry Communications & Security today at 866 573 6879