How Thermal Imaging Can Help Battle Coronavirus

June 1, 2020
 |  Security Cameras

Everybody is trying their best to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Hence, many companies are working for new ways, such as thermal imaging as a screening solution. Some of them have proven more effective than others. Before we start talking about the technology for diagnosing and recognizing sick people and reducing the spread of the virus, you need to keep in mind that various machines inspect, gauge, identify products like respirators, protective gear, and ventilators. These are the products that are helpful in health care and to treat patients.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

There are various airports in the world where the authorities have installed thermal cameras to screen people’s body temperatures. The main symptom of COVID-19 is the fever, hence police officers in China have thermal goggles in their helmets. They are using them to identify the pedestrians with the possibility of COVID-19 infection.

If the body detects any kind of infection, it raises the temperature of the body. Furthermore, the best area to detect body temperature is the inner tear duct. However, if some are wearing glasses, then it isn’t easy to identify as these thermal cameras cannot see through glass.

Vision-Guided Robots

I believe that now everybody knows about social distancing. But in some situations, it isn’t easy to accomplish this. For example, it is vital to keep sick people from others in the hospital. One of the ways to do this is by using vision-guided robots. We have seen that there are different kinds of robots used in hospitals to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

In different states of China, the government uses delivery robots to minimize the contact of patients with medical staff. Furthermore, a robot helps many doctors and nurses in the hospital in sanitizing to prevent germs. They can also be used to guide the patients in the hospital to avoid their contact with others.

It is not the only case to use vision-guided robots in china. These robots can also be equipped with thermal imaging cameras. A person can control them with a remote to screen the people inside the hospital or the pedestrians on the streets. Well, vision-guided drones can also be used for similar tasks. They can inform people to return to their homes or to put their masks on. They can further be used in the factories to monitor the workers and to inform if anything goes wrong.

Are Thermal Imaging Cameras Reliable?

Well, it is difficult to say that it is an effective solution. We do know there are many benefits of thermal imaging cameras. Because some people infected with coronavirus have mild symptoms, furthermore, it isn’t easy to detect anomalies in a group of people. The World Health Organization has said that temperature screening alone is not an effective solution. So, we need to combine the temperature screening with health messages. It may not be very effective these days, but it can play a second wave in the infection. However, it can operate in real-time, visible, and efficient. So, we can think of using thermal imaging cameras at the airports and the public places.

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