Keeping Your Home Safe in 2019

December 29, 2018
 |  Business Security  |  Home Security System  |  Wireless Security

Controlling door locks using apps such as those on a smartphone isn’t new. Due to technology’s purpose of making things easier and more efficient to conduct, there are new improvements to home security systems in 2019. Monitoring your home will be affordable and simple.

Your needs will determine whether the system to go for will need to have professionals offer surveillance services around the clock or you’ll do the security checks yourself. It is good to get the right security system that your home needs.

Should you go for the un-monitored or monitored system?

In recent years, most homeowners have shied away from home security systems due to monitoring fees. They preferred having unmonitored systems to remove the need for them to pay month after month for using monitored ones.

Monitored systems have the advantage of giving homeowners seamless responses because there’s always someone who will be able to get in touch with officials fast. They also deal with false alarms like those triggered by delivery people, which in the case of unmonitored systems, have to be settled by the owner.

There are several reasons why self-monitored systems are already popular and will continue to increase in use in 2019. They could be integrated with other home systems to make you feel more secure. You could change the thermostat, control doors, lights, and garden sprinklers, and turn lawn mowers on by just using an app.

Unmonitored systems also incur no monthly bills, hence their cost is lower.

What if you could get both in 2019?

Most monitored services are beginning to include apps that let customers have some control over security. In almost a similar manner, unmonitored systems are on their way to adopting simple add-on monitoring that only requires to be paid for when need be. 2019 might be the year that the two protocols cease to have that much separation.

If it is difficult for you to decide the type to install in your home, taking a look at your lifestyle, the house itself and your tastes could help.

If your home is connected to Wi-Fi, it would be hard to install a self-monitored system because controlling appliances needs to be done on a network.

The type of home also dictates home security system choice. For instance, if there are floors with full windows and a garage with a huge door, more triggers will need to be used. The cost of a monitored system could be worthy.

On the other hand, a self-monitored system could be more appropriate for a 2-room house that has just a few doors and windows.