Best IT Security Practices For 2022

January 15, 2022
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According to MetaCompliance, a study found that stolen credentials were the most common cause of data breaches. The internet is a vast platform that puts endless knowledge at our fingertips. While it is incredibly useful, you can occasionally encounter security risks without even knowing it. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the best IT security practices for yourself and your business.

Be Aware of Phishing

Phishing is currently the leading cause of cyber security breaches. It is a type of internet hacking that involves sending fraudulent messages that can appear to be from a legitimate, but unknown source. Many phishing messages include links that can deploy malicious software and destroy the user’s infrastructure. Phishing can also encourage users to share personal or private information. It is crucial to train employees on how to spot phishing and block attempts immediately. Phishing not only impacts an individual’s computer, it can put your business at risk of data breaches, ransomware infections, and grant unauthorized access to private information. Phishing has gotten more difficult to spot with hackers tailoring responses to appear legitimate, this form of cyber attack can include email phishing and social media phishing. You can protect your livelihood by installing security software and better protect individual email accounts by using multi-factor authentication.

Password Selection and Updates

MetaCompliance reported 82% of people reuse the same password for multiple accounts, which can put them at risk of “credential stuffing”. This refers to online hackers finding account login credentials and taking over accounts. To better protect yourself from credential breaching, IT experts suggest updating passwords at least every three months. In addition to routinely updating your passwords, ensure you are using a different password for different accounts. A strong password can make a major difference as well, strong passwords feature uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one special character. Do not incorporate any personal information in your password, this can make it easier for potential threats to detect. 

Multi-Factor Authentication and Secure Network

Multi-Factor Authentication requires at least two authentication options before allowing access, such as requiring a password and code that can be sent to your mobile device. It is especially beneficial for professionals that travel often, because it can detect if a login attempt is made from a new location. Also while at the office or working from home, experts recommend utilizing a secured, private WiFi network. A VPN is an excellent option for traveling employees as well because a VPN carefully encrypts personal data and cloaks your IP address to secure the main server. By concealing your identity online when using a public WiFi you can browse with peace of mind knowing your data is protected. 

Choosing the Right Software

Without cyber security you leave yourself, your employees, and your business vulnerable for data breaches and bugs. The good news is in the fight against cyber threats, there are more options for secured software than ever before! Anti-malware and anti-virus software can easily be installed and automatically updated to make achieving high-quality security almost effortless. When choosing a software that fits your needs, do not forget to use firewalls as an added layer of protection that blocks unauthorized entry of your sources of private information! 

With increasing IT security options, selecting the right fit for you can seem overwhelming. We are here to help! Check out the different types of IT Support Services here

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