5 Benefits of using VoIP for your business

April 2, 2019
 |  Communications

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP technology allows users to make calls using the broadband internet rather than the conventional phone system. VoIP converts sound system into digital voices which it transmits through the internet broadband. Basically, with the VoIP phone system, you would be using the internet to make calls.

The following are 5 benefits of using the VoIP phone system:

1.VoIP Saves Businesses Money

It’s much cheaper to use the VoIP phone system than the analog phone system for both long and short phone calls. Long distance phone calls are significantly cheaper when using a VoIP provider. If your business makes a number of international phone calls, hosted VoIP phone systems offer the savings your business needs to have a great phone system without a huge investment.

2.VoIP Converts Easily With Conventional Phones

Using a VoIP phone system does not mean that you won’t use your conventional phone or VoIP converter. A VoIP converter resembles a USB memory stick which you can plug into a computer. A VoIP converter will sense traditional phone signals and then convert them into digital data which can easily be routed over the internet. You must turn on your computer for the conversion from analog signals to digital data to take place. With a VoIP phone system, you can acquire a VoIP number which would enable you to receive and make calls regardless of where you are as long as you have a stable internet connection.

3.VoIP Is Convenient To Use When Traveling

The VoIP phone system is comfortable and convenient to use. At any place in the world, you can be able to use any broadband connection to log in to your VoIP telephone. Once you log in you will get a dial tone. If you can access the internet from anywhere in the world, you can be able to use the VoIP phone system without any costs and connection issues. Also, you can access the VoIP systems through email and even when traveling. You just take your IP phone, and you contact their staff via a low-cost phone call.

4.Video Conferencing Calls Is Supported

Not only can you be able to make phone calls but also video conferencing calls using your VoIP phone system. Video Conferencing would allow you to keep in touch with your co-workers, clients, partners, and stakeholders to discuss important issues, meetings, and agendas regardless of where you are. If you are far away on business trips and you need some documents to be filed, you would just use your VoIP system to make a video conference call. The greatest advantage of using the VoIP phone is the ability to attend a meeting without being there physically while you could be dealing with other essential deals for your business.

5.Easy To Install, Use and Troubleshoot

It’s effortless to install the VoIP phone system because it requires very little technical know-how. The process of installing the VoIP system has an advantage over analog phones. With the VoIP phone system, businesses would reduce the cabling costs required for traditional telephones and also cut down on the fire hazards that result from a poor connection of electrical wires. Also, it’s so easy to add new components, and since the transfer of digital signals takes place through software, it’s easy when altering and maintaining the whole phone system.


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