Why a structured cabling system is important for business

May 15, 2019
 |  Structured Cabling

The era we are in requires communication technology that is consistently working to support constant communication among people whether far or near. Structured cabling in an organization plays this role by adequately organizing the cables connecting phones and other devices to each other enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability. It helps standardize the telecom cabling structure facilitating interoperability, system dependability, moves and additions and secures the system, especially during maintenance.

A business benefits from having a structured cabling system in the following ways.

Easily scalable

Formal cabling system packages the wire neatly making it easy to manage whenever there is an issue or when adding new technology or machine to the system. As the business grows, there is a need for a video conferencing or device, this can be done without interfering with daily operations. It also makes the office relocations easier.


On top of being unsightly, unorganized cabling systems are unsafe. They increase the chances of fires, electrical shocks, tips, and falls. Structured cabling avoids all that boosting its safety and reliability.

Saves Money

Structured cabling systems save businesses money because there are less replacement and maintenance involved. The business will also save money on cables and wiring in the long-run. Furthermore, the firm will experience flexible data and voice system making it easier to communicate to clients.

Compatible with the Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) involves the connection of any device, whether a smart car or a smartphone to the internet. IoT-enabled gadgets are increasingly common in workplaces and investing in structured cabling systems is a vital step towards the success of the IT environment of the business. According to Grand View Research, A structured cabling system facilitates data transfer at a faster speed, which has triggered market growth. Increased emphasis on cost and time management, growing IoT data, need for automation of businesses, and increasing competition have significantly boosted demand for structured cabling systems.

Reduced downtime

Unorganized cabling structures are prone to high risk of mistakes and human error which can cause network downtime and workflow disruptions. An organized cabling system makes troubleshooting easier making it fast to identify and med faults quickly.

Minimize noise

Structured cabling systems are better than other forms of cabling structures because it reduces noise to a great extent promoting smooth operation. Noise from cables corrupts data and causes poor communication when making calls.

Promotes business growth

When a business installs a structured cabling system, it invests by securing the future and improving communication. The system supports both data and digital phone ensuring fast and error-free transmission of voice and data strengthening the position of the business in the market the reliable infrastructure. Better voice qualities and superior cabling can reduce expenditure in the long run.

Convey professionalism

When a client steps in the office for a meeting and he or she is met with a mess of tangled wires from each electronic device it gives a wrong impression. Preplanned cabling system ensures that the cables are tacked and plugged neatly and even if they are visible they provide a professional look that boosts the trust of the client towards the business.

Quick transmission

The transmission of data is very fast through the structured cabling which prevents delay in communication a plus for the company.

The benefits highlighted above illustrate why a business needs to be in touch with new technology and avoid the mess of unstructured cabling. The preplanned cabling system is the way to go for the company to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.

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