Why A Business Needs A Fire Alarm System

January 30, 2019
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Learn About The Types Of Fire Alarm Systems Your Business Needs

Fire can be friendly to us but yet could be one of the most damaging disasters to an institution since it injures people, destroys property and kills people. Due to this, fire alarm systems need to be installed in all businesses so as to be able to warn occupants of an impending fire breakout.  This will assist them to save some valuable office property or at least have enough time to evacuate the premises before it’s too late.

Below, we will take a look at some of the fire alarm systems that you might install in your business to help you mitigate against possible fires.

These are fire alarms that have central control panels that are wired up to various fire detection zones each functioning separately. Each detection zones has a trigger alarm which will send signals to the central control zones.

These are alarms that are more sophisticated. They can be programmed to take measures to protect property and lives within a business premise. These measures include triggering of sprinkler systems, the closing of doors, etc.

These types of alarm system use a different technology to operate.  They use radio signals instead of wires (as the name suggests) to pass instructions to different end points around the business premises. They are also easy to install and the fact that they lack wires means they minimize disruptions in the buildings since the signals cannot be affected even when there is fire.

Recent developments have seen the detectors having addressable switches to enable communication between the detectors and the fire alarm control panel (FACP) which according to Life Safety Management is the “brain” of the fire alarm system.

All the fire alarm systems have different ways of working but all have the same common purpose of detecting fire events. Apart from this,  we will take a moment to look at the other ways that fire alarm systems function in businesses.

Sentry Communications will Install A Fire Alarm That Makes Sense For You

The bottom line is that several factors will go into how Sentry Communications & Security will install your fire alarm system Each Installation is engineered with great precision by our highly trained experts. Our team is dedicated to implementing a fire alarm system that makes sense for your home or business.

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