What Is Network Security And How It Works?

December 30, 2021
 |  IT Solutions

Sentry Communications & Security is a family-owned and operated company that understands the importance of feeling secure while you are at work and away from work. So many businesses rely on the internet to complete work-related tasks, which has led to an increase in network security. Your network holds important data that is essential to your business’s daily practices. Having a reliable network security system greatly reduces the risk of data theft while also ensuring company information is kept secure.  Consider your network security a crucial defense against unauthorized access. In this article we will be reviewing top network security options to enhance your peace of mind by instilling the security of your business. 

What is Network Security?

Modern businesses are more digitized now than ever before, making the need for online security critical. Network security includes protecting company devices, users, and data by forming a secure infrastructure with multiple layers of defense. 

How Does Network Security Work?

Network security can consist of hardware devices, software, and company regulations such as utilizing computer logins per employee. Each layer provides authorized control and protection from potential breaches. Network security keeps track of users that are granted access and possible threats that need to be blocked. 

Types of Network Security


Firewalls monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic of your network and filters out potential threats such as hackers. Firewalls create a secure barrier between your business’s private network and the vast public Internet. The firewall grants access to secure users while simultaneously blocking threats they detect or deem as possibly unsafe. 


A virtual private network (VPN) is able to encrypt your data traffic which ensures no hackers can gain access to your company emails, receipts, or messages. It creates a secure passage between the web and your company’s devices linked to the internet. VPNs protect you from spyware, hacking, and censorship. A VPN keeps your identity private because it is creating a private network. Business owners enjoy VPNs because they form a secure server specific to your company needs. This option considers your privacy the utmost importance. 

Access Control

Access control, as it sounds, focuses on who has access to private business data. Cater your access control to your business needs by establishing guidelines such as access at certain times of the day or physical access to company premises. It is commonly used for a variety of businesses, including car dealerships, schools, law offices, and credit unions. Firewalls and access control often go together, because firewalls include policies that filter out unwanted access.  

Sentry Provides The Best Network Security for Your Business

Choosing a top level network security provider is key when protecting your sensitive business information. For over 30 years, Sentry has been a top provider in security solutions. Our dedicated team of experts can custom design a network security plan to fit the needs and specifications of any business.

It is our duty to keep all of your greatest assets monitored and secured. Contact Us at 866-573-6879 for any questions on access control for car dealerships.