What are the 3 types of access control systems and its benefits?

March 15, 2021
 |  Access Control

There are some great benefits of an access control system. Having a great system in your building protects your valuable items, building equipment and other assets. An access control system is used to give an individual access to enter or exit a particular building or work station. There are 3 types of access control systems and today in this article we will discuss them and their benefits.

Discretionary access control

The first type of access control system is discretionary access control. This is a type of access control system that allows any person to enter and exit a location either physically or digitally. This type of access control system is great to have because it gives you full command to restrict any unauthorized person to enter or leave your building. This is the least restrictive of the three types of access control systems and gives authorized users complete access.

Managed access control

The second type of access control system is a managed access control which is also known as MAC. This access control is used for organizations where data is classified. Users have to prove they need access to data before it is given to them. Administrators are the only ones that have full access. MAC is considered the most secure of all the access control systems.

Role-based access control

The third type of access control system is a role-based access control system, it is also known as RBAC. It is one of the most demanded control systems used in households and also in many types of businesses. In this access control system, the system manager can give access to specific titles. It is great to have if you want to give certain levels of access based on titles.

Advantages of having access control systems.

Knowing who is entering or exiting your building

If an unauthorized person is trying to harm you or your building or your assets then you can disallow him to enter the building by means of physical or digital way.

Keep a track of your employees

There are many employees of your business that are using your resources and are adding a weightage upon you and doing nothing. You can track all the activities of such of your employees. Keep an eye on your employee and later hiring active employees can prove to be a great boost for your company. Lazy and bad employees are always an unwanted thing.

Reduce theft and loss

The third major advantage of the access control system is that you can reduce accidents and loss of valuable things. If you are constructing a building and you have an access control system, it can prevent you from major damage to the on-site things and construction materials. Access control system at various places is a great advantage to have.


The access control system is great to have and you can choose a better access control system according to your business. Always hire an access control system from a reputed company that provides an amazing access control system and better solutions for your security problems. Thank you for reading the article

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