Warehouse Fire Safety and Preventing Fires

October 20, 2017
 |  Commercial Security System  |  Fire Alarm

Protecting a warehouse offers unique challenges due to the cubic volume and possible flammable materials that are often stored in such facilities. According to a 2016 National Fire Prevention Association report, over 1,200 warehouses experienced a fire emergency in 2015. Property damages were estimate at over $155 million and there were 3 deaths and 19 major injuries. The most common cause of these fires were faulty electrical systems and lighting and intentionally set fires.

Fire Alarm Safety for Warehouses

Complying with local codes and passing inspection may not be enough to prevent warehouse fires. Many warehouses experience faulty sprinklers, non-functioning extinguishers, blocked entries and exits, as well as accumulation of debris, trash, and flammable materials. An experience fire alarm safety company, like Sentry Communications & Security, can help create the proper plan and help you implement safety procedures to decrease the potential for warehouse fires.

Installing the proper type and number of fire and smoke detection systems is essential to help decrease damage by fires. Sentry Communications offers decades of experience in installing, monitoring, and maintain fire alarm safety equipment. Rapid response detection and 24/7 monitoring is what helps keeps disasters to a minimum. To minimize threat, consider contacting an experience fire alarm safety company to analyze your building and contents and help you create a plan to prevent warehouse fires. The company will review and recommend fire safety equipment tailored to your specific needs.

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