Reasons to Upgrade Your Business’ Security System

September 27, 2017
 |  Commercial Security System  |  Security Cameras  |  Surveillance System

Investing in protecting the goods, equipment and space of your business in essential. By using technology, like an alarm and other security measures to make sure your business is safe is both smart but also brings financial and liability incentives. Here are 5 reasons your business needs a better alarm system.

Insurance incentives. Most companies that provide insurance to businesses offer decreases in premiums when they do things like upgrade monitoring and alarm systems, or install more sophisticated and durable locks and forced entry prevention features.

Loss prevention. Break-ins mean more than just loss of damaged goods.  Think about the cost of a break-in and all that in entails: remaining closed or working at less than full capacity while you repair, replacing items and goods that have been damaged or stolen, and returning your workplace back to regular operating levels can mean lost business during this down time.

Quicker response times by authorities. Wireless alarm systems that are connected not only to you and your mobile device, but to the Sentry’s 24/7/365 central station means that in the event of break-in or a fire, authorities are there to act and respond immediately. This is especially useful if you are away or can’t be the first to respond to the alarm. Knowing that immediate action is being taken to alleviate damages or even prevent a disaster, is worth the investment.

Around the clock support. Sentry’s comprehensive alarm systems come with the technical support and customer service to match the investment. Being able to speak to a trained security professional when needed, as well as having a team on your side to deal with things like false alarms takes much the responsibility off of you, freeing your time up for things like he running and building your business.

Crime prevention. Having a sophisticated, complete security system often completely prevents break-ins from happening in the first place. The presence of motion sensing cameras and monitored alarm system is enough to deter most thieves from attempting to burglarize your business.

Keeping up-to-date with, and upgrading, your business’ alarm and security system is an investment in your livelihood and part of the cost of keeping a safe business. If you have not upgraded, or rethought your business’ alarm system in the last several years, call Sentry Communications & Security today and talk to one of our security experts. We can help you decide the best plan of action and how to keep your business safe. Call us today at 866-573-6879.