Live Video Monitoring vs Onsite Guards

March 15, 2020
 |  Surveillance System

In the digital age, you can do almost anything from your computers even when you need security. But should you use live video monitoring or onsite security? Well, it depends as in some cases you need remote surveillance and, in some cases, you need an onsite guard. So, let’s explore which type of security best suits your needs.

Benefits of Live Video Monitoring

In the case of live video monitoring, you need a computer-based approach. For this, you need to install several cameras on the site.

Broad Coverage

One of the benefits of remote surveillance is that you can have eyes on every part of a building. But you need sufficient cameras to cover the whole building. You need to make sure that there are no blind spots that a camera cannot cover. Another thing that matters is the person monitoring the video feeds. Because, if the number of cameras is too high then you may need two persons.

Lower Cost

Onsite guards can cost you a lot of money. But if you have a tight budget then this is cost-effective than hiring security guards. You can start with a low-end remote surveillance system to fit your budget. Another thing that you keep in mind is that you will get what you pay for. If your budget is tight, then you will have poor coverage. On the other hand, a high-tech surveillance system will cost you more than onsite guards.

Evidence Recording

There are some situations, where you need evidence such as in a financial institution. In such cases, you need to file police reports more often. A remote surveillance system will record video evidence that you can supply to authorities in case an incident happens. I know that the eyewitness testimony can be helpful but you cannot rely on human memories.

Benefits of Onsite Guards

In many situations, an onsite guard is the best option.

Trouble Prevention

Sometimes, the presence of a security guard is enough to prevent trouble. Sometimes a thief sees a security guard and decides not to get in any trouble. On the other hand, remote surveillance cameras are less noticeable.

Immediate Response

Cameras can only record evidence but there are situations where you need an immediate response. In such a situation, you need a live human such as an onsite security officer to take action and resolve it. Most of the security officers have first responder training. Hence, they can provide immediate help when problems arise.

Portable Placement

You can install cameras in a building in fixed spots. You cannot move them after installing but a bodyguard can easily accompany you in any situation. They can go anywhere and you can place them wherever you want. You can use this portable placement to your advantage. A criminal can learn the placement of cameras and can devise a plan to avoid them.


As you can see that both of the security types have their pros and cons. There are situations when an onsite guard is a perfect choice. But there are others too where you need live video monitoring. But you can also use both of them together. A live video monitoring system will provide you broad coverage and an onsite guard can provide an immediate response.

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