How Video Monitoring Is Helping Businesses Through COVID-19

August 15, 2020
 |  Security Cameras  |  Surveillance Cameras

While the coronavirus and the resulting economic shocks have brought its share of challenges to the security sector, the video surveillance space has been in a unique position to help customers and grow their business.

Lately, you can barely read security industry news without seeing the sudden influx of thermal imaging cameras that are used to monitor the temperature during the coronavirus and as a way to help you get back to work. Some monitoring vendors even used the technology for the sake and health of their employees during this pandemic. But when it comes to the safety of their customers, they become cautious as it is very tough and expensive too.


Many video monitoring manufacturers are currently in various phases of multi-chamber testing for high-temperature alarms. We hope these types of demands increase for the foreseeable future as the emotional consequences of this era can affect the minds of many in our country in the years to come.

And that, in the end, can dictate your usage more than any precision test result. More and more companies will look for these fever screening solutions almost from a marketing or public relations perspective for their customers. They want people to feel comfortable arriving at their location because they are monitoring their temperature. If they’re accurate, it’s like, we have this technology in place, and we’re doing something.

Temperature monitoring

Thermal temperature monitoring will be part of the new standard for the foreseeable future. We actively help our customers prepare best practices, tips, and tools to help businesses provide a safe and virus-free environment. Part of this guide includes temperature pre-selection services for occupants entering the property.

Most CCTV vendors have found their business offerings to be more in demand due to home orders or business changes for those deemed essential. Many have reported new customers and new types of video surveillance or any other new method that can effectively help to become safe or get better adapted to changing business models.
This increased opportunity, in our view, is due to the simple fact that during these unprecedented times, many customers, including businesses and owners, were unsure of when they could resume their business, and they must do the best of them to protect their livelihoods and their future.

For companies that have tried video surveillance for the first time due to this situation, the experience with the adoption of video surveillance suggests the momentum will continue.


Video monitoring is helping many businesses around the world to reopen. This video monitoring is not only helping the employees and customers, but it is also helping the business owners. Adopt new ideas for the betterment of your business and the safety of everyone around you.

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