How to Better Protect Your Store

November 10, 2017
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Theft can have a major impact on your bottom line. It can affect your inventory and your reputation. Here are 3 options to better protect your store:

Have your cameras visible.

The biggest deterrence for burglars is the knowledge that they are being watched. If someone thinks there is a chance their face will be captured on camera, or even if they’re caught in the act, they are likely to move on to another store or building that may have less security measures.

Secure points of entry.

Install window and door alarms on your store’s points of entry. If your store is in a relatively dark area, consider installing motion-sensitive lighting which can expose burglars to people passing by.

Invest in the right locks.

Strong locks require excessive force to break in. This can be important when filing insurance claims because most insurers will look for proof of forced entry to satisfy any insurance policy payout clause.

Install burglar resistant glass.

Any glass with a high-tensile strength will absorb heavy impacts and can be useful where shop windows or glass doors are potential points of entry. Most burglar resistant glass is comprised of two pieces of strong glass with a piece of heavy-duty plastic wedged in between for extra protection. This glass is not indestructible but it is shatterproof.

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