How Does A Monitored Alarm System Work?

January 30, 2021
 |  Alarm System

A monitored alarm system is connected with the central monitoring station. It is a communication between the home security system and the security provider. Whenever the system registers an emergency event, it automatically sends a signal to the appropriate authorities.

Technical specifics can differ from one security provider to another. However, the basic working remains the same. The system control panel is the centre of the network which connects to all the motion detectors, door or window sensors, tamper sensors, flood, and smoke detectors. When a sensor triggers, the control panel sends a signal to the station via your telephone line.

The first signal will be sent to the central station, they will then call to confirm whether it is a real emergency or not. If no one comes to answer the phone, then they will dispatch a proper agency to dispatch emergency personnel. Some of the security systems have additional features such as immediate alarms. It comes handy as you will not receive a confirmation call as it can alert intruders. Furthermore, they will have a chance to disable the system.

On the other hand, Unmonitored alarm system does have some great benefits. If you are in the home then the noise will let you know that there is a problem. You can do necessary actions to cope with the emergency. However, this noise can also alert intruders and they will take actions to disarm the system as soon as possible. Some of the emergencies are very serious and you cannot deal with them. In most of the cases, you need fire, medical, or police to help you out.

How Much Does A Monitored Alarm System Cost?

There are various factors such as installation and maintenance that affects the cost of the monitored alarm system. It all depends on your specific requirements. But still, it is a future-proof investment for your property.

If you have an average three-bedroom house or a retail shop, then expect to pay around $200-$500 for the basic installation. Furthermore, the same cost for the one-year maintenance of the system. However, a large property owner with dual-path monitoring expects to pay an additional $400-$700 for the installation and similar for the maintenance of the system every year.

Do You Need A Monitored Alarm System?

If you are concerned about the security of your property then definitely yes.

You will have a piece of mind knowing that you are connected to the monitoring centre. You will know that you have the tools to cope with emergencies like intruders or fire. You should also consider smoke detectors to have a watchful eye on the property.

All of these security measures are a deterrent against intruders, fire, or medical station. A quick response can help reduce the damage and to ensure that high-value items such as your family is safe. Even if the intruder can break-in, the alternative system will raise an alarm and notify the police.

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