How Do Lighting Control Systems Work?

June 7, 2021
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In office buildings and factories lighting control is becoming necessary. These lighting control systems range from simple switches to complex systems that can control the amount of light and even the time of lighting. These lighting control systems are interconnected with each other to show the best performance. If we look at the overall cost of factories and industries, the electrical bill is more than 40 to 60% of the total energy bill. If we add all the indirect costs like maintenance and cooling systems, lighting electrical energy consumption was much higher.

How lighting control systems work

Lighting control systems include many things like operations that work together to make up an excellent lighting control system. The lighting control system has many types like manual lighting controls, schedule of lighting controls, occupancy control, electrical design.

Basic Lighting controls

This is the type of lighting control that actually consists of simple on and off switches. This lighting control system works on a simple basis and is dependent on humans to save energy. A person must remember to turn off the switch while leaving the place. In this lighting control system, energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs and CFLs are used with basic switches. This method helps to reduce the amount of electricity bills.

The dimmer switches

The dimmer switches lighting control system is a little bit more organized as compared to the simple lighting control system. There are switches that allow the user to control the amount of light. It reduces the amount of light coming from the electrical bulb. It is much better than a simple switch that is either entirely on or entirely off.

The motion sensor system for outdoor lighting

To reduce the overall cost of lighting, you can use motion sensors for your outdoor light installation. This motion sensor lighting can be used extensively for security lighting. These outdoor security systems only need to be turned on during the nighttime. These are the motion sensors that turn the light on when a movement is detected, and this automatically turns off after the period is passed without the motion.

The system of occupancy sensors for indoor lighting

This is a lighting system that turns on when somebody enters the room and automatically turns off when he or she leaves. This occupancy Sensor system is excellent for bathrooms, break rooms, and also conference rooms, and recreational rooms. 

The network controlled lighting system

This is the most advanced type of lighting control system, which can be a part of a building automation system. This is the type of lighting control system that can be controlled from the network far away from the side of the computer. The operator switches on or switches off the light sitting away from the site easily. The demand for this lighting control system is high. This lighting control system is also very precise, and it reduces the amount of energy used effectively.


All the lighting control systems work on different principles. The choice is yours. There can be different demands of factories and other sites. Choose wisely from these Lighting control systems.

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