How do contactless access control systems work? Is there any advantage of it?

December 19, 2020
 |  Access Control

Technology is getting advanced and interesting day by day. It is providing humans with very unique and usable products. One of the wonders of technology is a contactless access control system. A contactless access control system is designed to control any product remotely without touching it. Who does not want to remotely control doors, fans, lights or even anything sitting at the couch, well the contactless access control system can do it.

How do contactless access control systems work?

Well, the function of contactless access control systems is no rocket science. Contactless access control system work with an additional installation with the door handle electronic machines with smart speakers like Alexa. Smart speakers listen to the user and let the system work according to the user’s commands. It works automatically on the user’s commands by switching the specific functions. To understand the function of contactless access control technology, we have to understand the types of it. There are different kinds of access control systems.

Restricted Access

There was a need of an hour to allow a specific number of individuals to enter a building in the pandemic. To restrict the number of individuals, contactless access control technology came as a solution. Contactless access control technology works in a way that it limits the individuals entering from the door by opening or closing the door. A security person with remote controls it. It is very beneficial because there is no practical need to touch any surface. It limited the spread of covid19 at such places. Now, contactless access control systems are working in big malls, restaurants, buildings, etc.

Remote switch

Contactless access control technology was also used in remote switches of the door; for example, it is used in school gates to let the gates open by the registered students with the smartphone app’s help.


The major and most prominent feature of contactless access control technology is security also. With the sudden drop in the number of employees in different companies, there was a need for automatic security systems to secure a building. With contactless access control technology, you can remotely control the place’s security while physically sitting miles away from the place.

What are the major advantages of contactless access control systems?

Contactless access control systems are efficient and have many other practical advantages over the normal systems. Here are some major advantages of contactless access-controlled systems:

Less or no time

Opposite to the normal systems, contactless access-controlled systems are very less or no time-consuming. You can simply start or stop a system by just clicking a button with reduces much time and effort.


It has reduced the company’s costs by hiring fewer employees used to control the security systems. It is a significant advantage for companies facing financial pressure.

Viral shield

It reduced the cost and proved as a viral shield because there was no need to touch the surfaces.


Contactless access-controlled systems are very efficient in every aspect. The system works simply and controls different machines.

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