How 4k Car Dealership Surveillance Cameras Protect Auto Dealerships

October 15, 2021
 |  Surveillance Cameras

We have seen amazing advancements emerge for car dealership surveillance cameras that can protect your home or business. Dealerships have lost thousands of dollars in stolen car parts due to a lack of security on the premises, installing security systems that include high-resolution cameras can greatly deter theft and vandalism. There are many security camera options for your dealership, including 4K Cameras. Today we are taking a closer look at what exactly 4K car dealership surveillance cameras are, the benefits of using them, and a potential disadvantage to help you decide if this is the best option for your car dealership. 

What does 4K mean?

4K corresponds with approximately 8 megapixels which is around 4 times the resolution of a standard high definition 1080p image. 4K security cameras give the dealership a greater ability to zoom in digitally to pick up additional details on the property. However, please note the video quality can be influenced by the amount of light at the time. The sensor size also affects the quality of video and the lens ability to focus. Users note while it can be difficult to view multiple 4K cameras at once, the digital zoom increases the size of pixels, which helps the dealership pick up a greater amount of detail on small objects in the video.

Comparing 4K to 1080p

Previously 1080p security cameras were the standard cameras used for homes and businesses. 1080p can be ideal for general-purpose video surveillance with a resolution of 1920×1080. While in some instances 1080p cameras can be more affordable, 4K cameras offer superior image quality because 4k cameras have four times the number of pixels compared to 1080p. Car dealerships are larger environments that benefit from having 4k cameras to pick up additional details with higher resolution. 1080p cameras are more commonly recommended for home security, though in some cases larger homes can additionally benefit from utilizing 4k cameras. 

When choosing 4k car dealership surveillance cameras consider the following:

Please note: the higher the video resolution, the harder the processor may have to work. Not all NVRs are compatible with 4K cameras, and many systems that are compatible can be overloaded by too many 4K cameras used at once. A system that is overloaded may experience video lag or temporary outages. 

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