Holiday Security Tips For Business 2019

December 17, 2018
 |  Access Control

Holiday seasons are a good time to review access control systems with employees. The purpose of access control systems is to grant a convenient, swift right to entry for authorized parties, and at the same time preventing and blocking the unauthorized people. Security procedures and guidelines notify business staff of what is not expected of them and what to do if things do not go according to plan.

Security devices check

During the holidays, checks on all security devices should be conducted to ensure that all are working appropriately. Whether it’s the access control systems, alarm systems, panic buttons, locks and so on. Closed Circuit Tv cameras are to be up, running and aimed at the right areas. The controllers also need to get the video feed from them. If there are holiday decorations used in some spaces, they should be placed in such a way that they do not block a camera’s view.

On the side of cybersecurity, routine maintenance procedures such as updates should be done. The business data could be protected by engaging Virtual Private Networks instead of using public Wi-Fi.

Adjustment of alarm systems

As it is the holiday, it is very likely that the working hours have been adjusted. For instance, a business that makes use of a monitoring alarm system will want to notify about the changes to ensure that things run smoothly.

A proper review of standards

It is important to go through the security plans of the business. At times, there may be employees who telecommute, thus they should know how to handle information systems at times like these.

Rules for visitors

New people will want to visit their friends and family at work. There may be holiday parties at the business premises. So, what are the bounds for visitors? There may be valuables that need to be protected. If it gets a little crazy during a party, should the employees be held accountable?

Why Access Control Is Important

Every year major retailers and small businesses lose a substantial amount of money to employee theft. Employee Fraud can occur in any form and that is why it is important to have access control that is customized for holiday help.

Employee Theft Statistics

With employee fraud on the rise, revenue loss is on an incline as a result of these crimes. Here is some jaw dropping statistics about employee fraud as compiled by Static Brain Research Institute:


Locking Mechanisms

Codes and locking mechanisms are very important. While it may get very busy with too many distractions, no businesses should forget to lock up when holidays come. If there are any access control systems in use, the holiday could serve as an appropriate time to review codes and access levels of employees. Businesses should give a keen eye to the areas that each employee has access to then find out the rules that might need to be changed.

As we come close to ringing in the new year, it is important that your business is off to a good start for 2019. Sentry Communications & Security provides access control systems on Long Island for commercial and residential properties. Find out how Sentry Communications can help you in 2019 by contacting us today at (866) 573-6879.