Five advantages of using remote video monitoring for your business

April 15, 2019

It’s not a surprise to reach work and discover that all your assets have been robbed or damaged. Since you’re not sure when the incident happened, you might take some time before discovering when the incident takes place. Also, it’s not possible to recognize who damaged your properties. In the meantime, real time video monitoring is established on real people observing what is happening in an exact time. They are capable to get criminal’s faces and alert the police department as the crime is in progress. However, this system has a lot of benefits to the owner of the business.

  1. Protect large compound at Once
    Hired security guards are only capable to monitor only what they can obverse. Regularly, a large compound can take a lot of time to get all over the place and might be a difficult situation or even risky for them to monitor. Using a real time video monitoring, cameras can sight multiple sites at on one occasion from vantage points that security guards may be able to get to.
  2. Cannot be Frightened
    In normal circumstances, once security guards notice a danger they associate themselves with places that are not danger for their safety and to call the police. Active security guards that prevent offenders from inward bound, they actually make the businesses more exposed to liability claims if they become hurt. Real time Video monitoring cameras and speaker coordination cannot be frightened or hurt by intruders.
  3. Accounts all Activities
    Not only monitoring during business and non-business hours but also a real time video monitoring solution offers the extra value of recording the activities of every site 24/7. Having recorded, stored and archived videotape of on-site occasions can attest to deliver video proof all of the events that take place during business or non-business hours.

    Instant Police Response

    Real time video monitoring gives authorities approval that there is a confirmed crime incident up-to-the-minute. Ever since, as the incident is confirmed, according to Undertakings Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCIT’s) has experienced regular police reaction within urban regions within the shortest time possible. This varies significantly from unverified traditional alarm methods where police reaction can extend to 45-60 minutes where customers are also subjected to fake alarm charges.

  4. Save Money
    Real time video monitoring resolutions are normally 25-50% less costly than using hired security guards. Companies presently using hired guards should think through how real time video monitoring also known as Remote Video Monitoring can be of help to them.


Final say

Progressively, big business is now applying the assistance of Remote Video Monitoring technology from corner to corner of businesses as part of their usual security, and gratefully observing an extreme decrease in robbery and destruction to their business.

So take the benefit of real time video monitoring security industry professionals and most recent in observation technology, for the reason that, not only providing yourself a more advanced level of protection but actually reducing security charges by 25-50% as likened with old-fashioned security techniques of service.


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