Fire Alarm Maintenance, Legal Requirements

May 15, 2021
 |  Commercial Fire Alarm

To keep any building safe, it is necessary to have a fire alarm system. Proper fire alarm maintenance is an important part of the safety procedure. Fire can spread very rapidly and can bring in trouble to both people and properties. According to the law, fire alarms across the United States should go through proper maintenance. This step is for the safety of society. To only install simple fire alarms and smoke detectors is not enough. According to The United States law, the employer is responsible for making sure the commercial property is getting proper maintenance. If a fire alarm is maintained correctly, it keeps the property and life of humans safe and eliminates all the false alarms that occur in the system.

The legal requirements

The legislation of regulatory reform order 2005 covers all the aspects of fire safety and prevention. It includes the maintenance testing installation of these alarms. Before this law, fire safety was covered in different rules. The British standard recommends that your fire alarms be inspected and maintained regularly by a competent person two times a year. According to the legislation, the competent person is the one who has the technical knowledge to understand all the different types of fire alarms. The person who does knows how the fire alarms work. The person should be aware and familiar with all the models. The person should also be aware of all the legal requirements about fire alarms.

The responsibility of fire safety

Fire is dangerous for humans and property. If you are an owner, employer, or landlord, you will be responsible if the fire breaks out in an emergency situation.

Every employee and worker has the equal responsibility in case of fire. The workers and control of the company should work in coordination with the employees and workers to control and look after the safety regulations.

Risk Assessment

It is very important to do the risk assessment in order to keep everyone safe and sound. You can take the following given measurements for proper risk assessment

All these steps must be taken to ensure the safety and protection. It is the procedure to Counter an emergency-like situation. This assessment minimizes the risk of the potential hazard.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Process

The fire alarm system, after detecting smoke or fire, should alert all the residents and occupants of the building. If the system is not working and cannot alert the occupants, then it is literally useless. The maintenance of fire alarm systems should include control panel signals, devices, call points, alarms, batteries, and, last but not least, reporting. It is necessary to report after the maintenance and keep a record in the logbook.


Fire alarm maintenance is an absolute must if you are trying to keep your commercial property safe. After all as a business owner it is your responsibility to keep your property and employees safe.

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