Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?

June 17, 2022
 |  Home Security System

The first surveillance camera ever used in Germany. That particular camera was used to see the launch of the rocket. The surveillance cameras have come a long way. These days, security cameras are used everywhere for different purposes. Today in this article, we will see whether home security systems can deter crime or not? The team at Sentry Communications cares about safety which is why we want you to know all you can before choosing to get a home security system in Long Island. So without further ado, let’s dive in. 


According to various reports, surveillance cameras can reduce crime by up to 30 percent. These crimes include the act of burglary, snatching, and theft. When installing a home security system in your house, your house is much safer.

One of the main reasons the surveillance cameras are so effective is because all the thieves and burglars do not want to be recorded, and it becomes a piece of evidence against them.

Are security cameras worth money?

It is an important question. The answer to the question is straightforward, “Yes.” According to various investigative agencies and police authorities, it becomes straightforward to catch the thieves after the video camera surveillance. Most of the burglars avoid the houses with alarms and different kinds of other video surveillance cameras and systems.

Which houses do burglars prefer?

According to various reports, more than 7 lac crimes took place in the USA in 2019. More of these crimes were taking place in the houses that were easy to break in. The criminals prefer remote houses. They also watch the trends of people coming out and going into the house daily. The burglars and thieves keep an eye on the windows and doors if the doors and windows are open. This is a good sign for burglars and thieves. They target the more vulnerable houses. You can reduce the vulnerability of your house by installing surveillance cameras. The home security systems are not expensive and are readily available.

The safety of the home should be the priority.

With the advancement of technology, it is easy to make your home safe and secure. First, keep an eye on basic things. Keep the windows and door closed at night. Keep the back doors locked. You can also make your home safe and secure by installing different types of surveillance gadgets. Security cameras and alarms are a good option. The surveillance cameras provide real-time notifications to the user’s cell phone. Whenever there is a problem in the house, the alarms will ring. It can prevent a significant theft or burglary.

The surveillance cameras are the eyes and the ears of the house. These cameras have a significant impact and can provide evidence in case of any problem out there inside or outside the house.

Other factors to take into account

People suffer significant losses yearly due to different kinds of theft, burglaries, and other acts. It is better to have surveillance cameras rather than trying to keep up the loss you can suffer due to an unimaginable event.


Surveillance cameras have become a necessary part of our lives that we cannot deny. The surveillance cameras are not expensive and are easy to operate. Security cameras are a basic need of every household these days. These are part of major security systems and cities all across the world. Before installing the surveillance cameras in or around your home, take the consent of every home member. Take care of your privacy. Be safe and be cautious.If you would like to learn more about home security systems and the options available for your home, you can speak with one of our experts at Sentry Communications. We have extensive experience with home security and can guide you toward the right choice, so give us a call today at 1-866-5-SENTRY.