Deterring Burglars the Right Way, According to Actual Criminals

October 13, 2017
 |  Security Tips  |  Surveillance System

Did you know leaving the lights on, closing the curtains while you’re away on vacation, or menacing “beware of dog” sign may offer a sense of peace while you’re away, experts say they should really be a cause for concern.

Here’s why:

Not all security measures are created equal. Unlock, a charity that supports people with criminal convictions polled 25 former burglars (also known as “the experts”), who indicated that signs like “beware of dog signs” and leaving the lights on are the least effective security measures when trying to deter burglars.

The most effective? See below:

Motion-activated Lights: The most effective security is movement-activated lights according to 26% of burglars. Security lighting is used as a powerful deterrent against crime.

Security Cameras: 22% of burglars surveyed said security cameras would be the reason to keep them walking to the next house. Keep a close eye on your home or business by installing monitored security cameras to ensure your property is always being watched.

Dog barking: 15% of the burglars noted that the sound of a dog barking would put them off. Apparently the sign isn’t enough, however.

Security Alarm: There are more than 2 million burglaries every year. Consider getting a monitored alarm system to beef up the security around your home or commercial property.

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