Car Lot Surveillance Systems Best Practices For Dealerships

October 30, 2021
 |  Commercial Security System

In 2019, 721,885 vehicles were stolen and in 2018 751,885 vehicles were reported stolen. According to the FBI, vehicle thefts have been trending downward in the last 26 years since experiencing a peak of 1.7 million in 1991. What created this decrease in thefts? The answer is simple, technological advances in security systems, cameras, and protocols. By understanding how to use car lot surveillance systems you can protect your business from vandalism, theft, and financial loss. In this blog we will be sharing four best practices for enhancing and ensuring the utmost safety for your livelihood. 

Create a Standard for Safety at Work

Help keep employees on the same page when it comes to crucial safety measures. Take the time to educate your team on best practices while also providing a platform for them to ask questions on improving security. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and best accomplished when everyone is on the same page. To better organize safety protocols consider assigning a member of your team the position of safety coordinator. For newer members of the team, ensure they understand your car dealerships specific security needs and protocols. 

Choosing and Regularly Updating Passwords

One of the best ways of protecting your car dealership is by regularly updating passwords and entry codes, this makes it more difficult for potential trespassers to obtain secured information. Along with routinely changing passwords, make sure employees select an original password that is difficult to guess. A strong password utilizes letters, numbers, and at least one special character. On top of using log in passwords, you can set entryway codes for employees. Your dealership can also benefit from maintaining log in documentation because then you can monitor each individual that enters the premises. 

Upgrading Car Lot Surveillance Systems

Beyond monitoring passwords and codes, you can additionally upgrade your security system or security cameras as needed. Keep an eye on your dealership anywhere, anytime with live cameras. By utilizing cameras on a property it is much more likely to deter trespassers and reduce theft attempts or potential vandalism. There are a variety of security options that have emerged in recent years for dealerships including Infrared Motion Sensors, Glass Break Detectors, and Photoelectric Beams are frequent commercial intruder alarm systems used to reduce risks and enhance peace of mind. 

Using Reliable Software

Protect your dealership inside and out. Your dealership uses technology inside the dealership as well as outside in each individual vehicle. Protecting every vehicle is a top priority, but it is pivotal to make sure the computers used by employees to access information are protected as well. The greatest way to maintain secure workstations is through choosing a top-notch, reliable computer software. This software protects against potential viruses and operates automatically. 

Hire Sentry Communications & Security For The Best Car Dealership Security

Choosing a top level security provider is key when protecting your car dealership with a surveillance system. Our dedicated team of experts can custom design car lot surveillance systems to fit the needs and specifications of any premises, no matter its size. It is our duty to keep all of your greatest assets monitored and secured. Contact Us now for any questions.