Business Security Tips

December 6, 2017
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Every business, large or small, should take security measures to keep their business and property safe. While most of the time larger businesses do take security measures, many small businesses may not think they need to because they deem it pointless or the building too small for security systems. However, it’s important for all businesses to secure their property.

1- Business and Employee Security: Keeping your property safe is important and installing a video monitoring system through the building and at each exit is an important step in ensuring safety and security for everyone. Adding access control to important areas will add an extra layer or security and limit access to certain employees. Each employee gets a badge with his or her personal ID number or access code. Computerized systems can log who comes and goes so you’ll always have a record.

2- Adequate Lighting: Burglars and robbers tend to stay away from places that are brightly lit. Homes often take advantage of security lighting and businesses should as well. The reasons: people passing by can see them and security cameras can easily see them and record their face. Make sure that you have a well-lit parking lot, entrance, exits, etc. A well-lit parking lot is also important for customer and safety security.

3- Get Help from a Security Company: If you unsure of what products to purchase or how to properly secure your business, you can hire a security company. These companies are trained, certified, and licensed to give you the best advice about business security. They can also do a security audit and give you personalized security recommendations based on your situation. They can suggest which products you should consider, where you should put them, and will even install these items for you.

If you follow these tips, not only are you going to keep your business safe robberies, but you will also keep the building safe from vandalism, property theft, and shoplifting. This is where Security Communications & Security shines. We’ve supplied and installed security and communications equipment in nearly 100,000 business and homes. Sentry’s team of business security experts will help guide you through the process, putting your business’ needs first. Call us today at 866-573-6879 and find out how we can help keep your business safe and secure.