Best Practices To Implement Temperature Screening For Your Business:

June 15, 2020
 |  Surveillance Cameras

Many countries of the world have now passed the peak emergency phase of COVID-19, and many businesses are resuming their working capacities by following SOPs. Corporate businesses are providing temperature screening to ensure a safe working environment. Temperature screening is a popular method to detect any suspicious carrier of the disease. Here are some essential points to follow while performing temperature screening of your employees.

Knowing The Procedure

Temperature screening is considered a valid initial assessment to isolate the suspected disease carriers from the rest. There are a number of protocols to carry out temperature screening, but the most convenient method is using a contactless infrared thermometer. The average body temperature of an adult human is 37.4 C, and any rise from the normal can be considered as an initial marker of the disease. However, using a contactless infrared thermometer is tricky, and it can subject to many errors. For example, testing a person who is working in controlled temperature versus testing a person working in direct sunlight will provide different results, and thus, the testing procedure should be limited to experts only.

Hiring Experts

Temperature screening can subject to multiple errors, and it is essential to hire a medical expert to perform the initial testing procedures. A medical expert who is skilled in emergency handling can be a valuable addition to your corporate team because it will increase the employee’s trust in your company. Hiring a medical expert will also ensure the availability of initial medical supervision and take-home advice to affected employees.

Valuing Human Rights

It is essential to know the employee’s rights, and it is medically unethical to break the results of the temperature screening of an employee without his/her consent. A company’s clear policy about infected employees is crucial to ensure the trust of workers. All the financial and medical requirements of affected employees should be fulfilled without delays. It will increase the overall confidence of workers and the productivity of your business. Workers who operate in groups must have special considerations to avoid the spread of the disease.

Availability To PPEs

Personal protective equipment must be provided to employees. This includes masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves to avoid the spread of disease. Temperature screening will allow for a safe working environment. The availability of PPEs will provide additional security because temperature screening alone is not a reliable measure.

Providing Relevant Knowledge

Awareness campaigns and training play an essential role in the spread of disease. It is the company’s responsibility to provide relevant knowledge about temperature screening procedures, use of PPEs, safety measures, and special instructions to the affected employees. It will allow a safe working atmosphere by reducing the total number of affected cases.

A safe and secure temperature screening strategy of a business is crucial in controlling the initial spread of the disease, and by following the above-mentioned guidelines will ensure the healthy practices among employees.

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