3 Tips For Protecting Your Car Dealership ( Sales, Service and Parts)

October 1, 2021
 |  Commercial Security System

At Sentry Communications & Security your protection is our priority. We pride ourselves on providing individuals, families, and businesses with security systems that are reliable, affordable, and easy to install. Your car dealership is your livelihood and in addition to offering a variety of security systems, we are passionate about educating clients on crucial safety tips. Whether you are a first time auto dealership owner in need of car dealership security or have been in the industry for decades, these safety measures never go out of style and can greatly boost your peace of mind. 

Individual Car Security Measures

It is equally important to protect each individual vehicle in addition to monitoring the car dealership property as a whole. Dealership owners can utilize wheel locks and install vehicle GPS and immobilization devices to ensure individual car protection in case of theft. Some vehicles already have tracking devices built into them, and for cars that don’t, dealerships can equip their inventory with external GPS or immobilization devices to help track or stop stolen vehicles. (Additional Safety tip: park vehicles with e-brakes on and turn tires sharply towards one direction to make it more difficult for a trespasser to tow the vehicle).

Keys and Key Fobs

It is pivotal to keep keys and key fobs protected. The best way of doing so is always storing keys in a secure location with limited access when the vehicle isn’t being driven. Even if the vehicle is parked in the showroom, never leave keys in the ignition or in the glove box. Utilizing and enforcing a vehicle sign out process also greatly helps security measures. (Additional Safety Tip: Always update passwords after an employee termination).

Maintaining Documents

Organization and safety truly go hand and hand. Maintaining a sign out document for vehicles, as previously mentioned, keeps track of the individual vehicles and the history of drivers. (Additional Safety Tip: When using lock boxes or key fobs to access rooms, periodically change locks and passwords).


We always recommend live cameras in addition to these safety measures because they allow you to monitor your dealership anytime from anywhere. Security systems help reduce the number of liability issues by deterring individuals from stepping onto the property outside of business hours. Also seeing cameras on a property is more likely to deter trespassing and reduce theft or vandalism attempts. For these reasons live video surveillance is a key component for protecting your car dealership. 

Our commercial intruder alarm systems include:

These quick tips above are proven to be effective in addition to installing a security system that will protect your most valuable assets, your business and your employees from intruders. 

In the event of a break-in, authorities will be promptly notified and our highly experienced security consultants will provide a thorough assessment of your business to ensure it is fully protected and secured. 

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Choosing a top level security provider is key when protecting your business or home. Our dedicated team of experts can custom design alarm systems to fit the needs and specifications of your premises, no matter its size. It is our duty to keep all of your greatest assets monitored and secured. Contact Us now for any questions.