The Three Layers Of Protection For Car Dealerships

November 15, 2021
 |  Commercial Security System

Security is paramount to your workplace safety and essential to maintaining peace of mind whether you are at your desk or away from your business location. We have made your home and business security our priority, providing information on the best security system options while also sharing informative resources. There have been major advancements in car dealership security that prove it is not a one-size-fits-all option, you can truly customize your security system to fit your business’s specific needs. 

Roughly 700,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the United States, with 4 out of 10 of these car thefts occurring at auto dealerships, according to NetWatch USA. We make it our mission to provide your car dealership with optimum protection, knowing that dependable security systems can help reduce this statistic.  In means of quality security, there are three layers of security we will expand on in this article. 

Surveillance Systems 

Surveillance systems are the first layer of security, giving clients access to live video footage. 

Utilizing surveillance systems have been proven to reduce crime, vandalism attempts, and greatly deter trespassing. In addition to reducing crime, in worse case scenarios if an incident occurs these reliable security systems can provide crucial evidence and support for businesses. A key element of surveillance is the security cameras selected. Sentry Security offers reliable and flexible options that can be tailored to your dealerships size and specific needs. With modern technical advances there are versatile options for your dealership to choose from. Experts in the security industry consider this the top layer because the security system is the core of security, protecting businesses and preserving peace of mind. With more options emerging there are also more affordable security systems for business owners. 

Remote Video Monitoring 

The second layer of protection for your dealership is live remote video monitoring. One aspect of video monitoring that greatly benefits business owners is agents are available remotely to monitor and ensure protection at all times. Remote security agents can call the police, set off the alarm, and contact the business owner. This greatly assists any situation from escalating and deters trespassers from the dealership. Seeing security cameras on the premises reduces the risk of theft or vandalism. Remote video monitoring gives you after-hour protection because you can view your dealership anytime from anywhere. 

Access Control

The final layer of security for your car dealership is access control. Access Control is the access assigned to system administrators. This means certain trusted individuals have access to important information and the power to deny access to others to protect the dealership’s private resources. This third layer of protection has both interior and exterior security solutions,  including vehicle entry points and barriers. Access control determines who is allowed to enter different areas on the dealership property, giving your dealership added convenience and control by including key card access, magnetic locks, key fobs, and more. There are many comprehensive designs to meet your dealership needs. 

Hire Sentry Communications & Security For The Best Car Dealership Security

Choosing a top level security provider is key when protecting your car dealership with a surveillance system. Our dedicated team of experts can custom design car lot surveillance systems to fit the needs and specifications of any premises, no matter its size. 

It is our duty to keep all of your greatest assets monitored and secured. Contact Us at 866-573-6879 for any questions.