How to Use Access Control For Car Dealerships

November 30, 2021
 |  Commercial Security System

When it comes to protecting your business, we want to help you feel in control and provide priceless peace of mind. We understand that you cannot be at your car dealership every day, all day, which is why choosing the right security option for your specific needs is pivotal. Access control is one of the crucial three layers of protection for your business. We highly recommend utilizing access control because it greatly helps reduce crime and safeguard your livelihood by allowing you to monitor and control who has access to important documents and areas of your dealership. In this article we will provide you with key information on how to use access control for car dealerships. 

Protect Private Information

The security solutions provided by Access control does much more than locking and unlocking doors and gates on your business’s property. It fully implements control of all entry points and exits throughout your dealership. Access control can limit access to individuals depending on the time of day, day of the week, or can be employee-specific, making it able to cater to your specific needs. 

Reduce theft, vandalism, and violence

Access control for car dealerships helps protect against trespassers, disgruntled customers, and previous employees that could pose a threat. If there was a key, that key could be easily replicated or stolen, access control eliminates the use for the key because current employees are granted access via key fob, PIN number or swipe card. The access given to employees can also be eliminated if the employee is terminated, they can easily and quickly be removed from the system to ensure they are denied access. Key Fobs or cards can be deactivated so former employees can have their access eliminated without needing to come back onto the property. Additionally, if an incident occurs, dealership owners can access the specific area at the time of the theft or vandalism and other crucial information to resolve the issue.

Benefit Employees

With credentials provided to each specific employee they can easily access the areas required to get their jobs completed. This is particularly helpful for employees working opposite shifts or late hours, because the security system allows them to enter whenever they need to independently; while also keeping track of who is on the property. As previously mentioned, credentials provided by access control can be a key card, or can be digital, by using a mobile device which helps employees have all the information they need at their fingertips anytime. 

Save Your Dealership Money

By replacing traditional locks with access control business owners can save money on upgrading key expenses. Dealerships can absolutely utilize security guards, but avoid that added expense with this security system option; it is essentially a security guard that never clocks out. Another reason this security option is considered cost-efficient is you can use it to automate lighting, heating and cooling systems to save money when the dealership is empty. This can be used to set up the lights to turn on and off depending on when individuals enter or exit an area as well, the same can be said to adjust the temperature as needed. 

Monitor and Update Remotely

As your car dealership grows your security system needs could change. 

Access Control is electronically powered for added convenience no matter where you are. The server stores important data and permissions so you can go paper-free. 

Whether your dealership is larger or more of a small business, there is a security solution for your budget. The security system is easy to use making it a swift transition, it is user-friendly, so you do not need a background in technology to see its many benefits. If any access points are triggered you can be quickly notified and the situation can be resolved promptly. 

Sentry Provides The Best Access Control For Car Dealerships

Choosing a top level security provider is key when protecting your car dealership with a surveillance system. Our dedicated team of experts can custom design car lot surveillance systems to fit the needs and specifications of any premises, no matter its size. 

It is our duty to keep all of your greatest assets monitored and secured. Contact Us at 866-573-6879 for any questions on access control for car dealerships.