How To Setup IT Infrastructure For Small Business

March 30, 2021
 |  IT Solutions

Digital globalization has changed the dimensions of trade. People are more interested in online shopping. That is why even a small business needs a strong online presence. Small businesses don’t need a heavy investment to build their own IT infrastructure. Here are a few things that are essential to building an IT infrastructure for small business.

Six essentials of IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure for small businesses doesn’t need to be a full-fledged software house. However, these six things are essential even for the simplest IT infrastructures.

1. Hardware

The first and foremost need of an IT infrastructure is decent hardware. You may choose windows or an Apple workstation. An efficient server is an important need if you have more than three workstations. A server can efficiently handle up to ten users.

2. Software

The software needs of an IT infrastructure of a small business depend upon the number of users, productivity tools, and the number of workstations. Microsoft office and google G-suite are the two most important software to handle offline and online documentation.

3. Communication

most of the business communications are handled by emails. You will require an efficient communication system to handle the messages and sales.

If you have your own server, you can easily build an in-house email protocol setup. You can also outsource your communications.

4. Networking

Your IT infrastructure is interconnected with a company network. The network comprises of internet, firewall, and cybersecurity. You will also need remote access to the devices like printers, scanners, and cameras. Networks are of three types:

Every network type has its own pros and cons. You can choose the one which suits you better.

Wired networks are more fast and efficient. However, you will need a lot of cables to connect different devices together. The wireless network is based on Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t need cables for interconnection. However, it is slower than a wired network, and it is more prone to interference and piracy.

The hybrid network can suit most of the IT infrastructures of small businesses. It combines the qualities of wired and wireless networks.

5. Security

An IT infrastructure is nothing if it is not secure. The first thing you will do for securing your infrastructure is “set up a firewall.” You should utilize more advanced firewall setups which are not present in built-in OS systems. A firewall protects your interface from intruders and data piracy.

You should also utilize cybersecurity software such as antiviruses and Email protection systems. In this way, you can protect the data of your company and the personal details of your customers.

6. Outsourcing IT infrastructure

Even though the IT infrastructure of small businesses is easier to manage, you may still need to outsource your burden. IT support service companies manage your communications more effectively and assist you in server support. It can significantly reduce the need for more employees to manage your IT infrastructure.


IT infrastructure for small businesses should include a good network, an efficient server, a suitable network, and fool-proof security. You can also outsource the communication and security of your IT infrastructure to get rid of additional worries and extra expenditure.

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