How To Prevent Home Fires

March 1, 2019
 |  Fire Alarm System

Home fires are the most common types of destructive fires. They are sometimes referred to as house fires. As basic as prevention of these fires might seem, statistics say contrary to these. According to The American Red Cross a figure of over $7 billion in property is damaged on a yearly average. Because of these, we have taken some time to jot down the prevention measures that will help you prevent these fires. They range from fire alarm systems to regular check-ups to make sure there are no risks.

Regular inspection of heating sources

Whether you use geothermal heat pumps, heating oil, pellet stoves, solar Heating, under-floor heating or any other heating source, you still need to do a regular check up. You could do this quarterly or bi-annually. Once a year will still work though.

Stay in the kitchen

It might be boring to stay in the kitchen while food is cooking but never leave a hot cooking surface unattended to. Stay in the kitchen or within the vicinity or take the more cautious approach and turn the fire source if you have to leave the kitchen.

Check the dryer

For the gas-powered dryer, do an inspection at least annually to be assured of the safety of its connections. For whichever dryer type you use at home, make sure to remove any lint trap whenever the load is finished. Also, do a regular checkup around and behind the dryer for pockets of lint or items that maybe could have fallen there and about.

Install and inspect fire alarm systems regularly

A fire alarm system is a combination of a number of devices that function together to detect and warn people of fire, carbon monoxide or smoke. They are able to warn people through audio and visual devices that are attached to them. They have smoke detectors that could be automatically activated in case of smoke, but they can also be manually activated through devices such as pull stations and/ or call points.

The fire alarms in the fire alarm systems come in the form of motorized bells or wall mountable horns. Such a system in your home with the right model of maintenance, will keep your home safe from fire or at least warn you incase of impending fires. Fire alarm systems for business have the same mechanics as those to detect fires in a home and as such require maintenance and inspection.

Designate areas to store flammable substances

Flammable products such as cosmetics and household cleaners are dangerously flammable and could start fires and cause a lot of damage as they are not the kind of stuff that people are careful with. These flammable products should also be kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources, preferably in a cool and dark cupboard where all family members should be made aware of.

Be careful around candles

Candles are a ticking time bomb if not kept in check. Candles should never be left unattended to. Keep them away from bedrooms if possible. Make sure to put them off before sleeping or leaving the house.

Home fires can be prevented with a little bit more care taken. If you have children around your house, make sure to inform them of these measures because you will need them to be careful and vigilant whenever they are home alone.

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