Five reasons to use a virtual guard instead of a security guard

August 2, 2019
 |  Security Tips

Virtual Guard Services is becoming vital for most businesses and property owners because of its unlimited benefits. For that reason, most companies are replacing security guards with virtual guards. Virtual Guard services involve the use of remote technology in your premises’ video surveillance systems. Companies are now considering virtual guards instead of using security guards to monitor their premises.

The reason why companies are making remote monitoring the norm these days is that you can hire Virtual security Services at an affordable price. It costs a quarter of the amount of hiring a traditional security guard.

The fact that virtual security services come at lower prices than the actual security guards doesn’t mean that you are going to get fewer quality services. A Virtual security system is the most effective way of guarding and monitoring your premises.

The virtual guards are highly trained professionals with military and police force backgrounds. Therefore, they can predict and look for criminal intent by performing a live assessment on how best to respond to stop the crime. These guards have speakers attached to your security system, which they use to voice down any trespassers wandering in your property. By so doing they can alert criminals that they have spotted them and they have notified the police.


You have struggled so hard to get your business up and running, from scratch to greatness. The last thing you would expect is someone trying to bring it down by destroying your property or stealing from you. Therefore, it would be essential to make sure your security is on point. Consider Virtual security services since using a virtual guard can grant you numerous benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Savings

Virtual guards cost a quarter the price of a traditional security guard. Why not consider this for your business, especially with the guarantee to monitor your premises remotely and acting in real-time? Besides, it’s an opportunity to save more.

  1. Greater capabilities

The Virtual Security system can see farther and clearly at night. With it, they can monitor and get a better view of your property at night.

  1. Highly effective

A highly trained virtual guard can control your whole security system with ease than multiple guards on site. Besides, it’s straightforward for a trained virtual guard to detect crime before it happens than numerous guards on the ground who might not see criminals sneaking in.

  1. No liability risks

Security guards can pose a significant threat to most businesses. Contrarily, virtual guards access information without endangering anyone. Security guards are prone to the risk of being attacked or can attack someone whenever crime takes place. On the other hand,  video guards can combat crime before it happens, and hence, there is no such risk.

  1. Better coverage

A security guard can see much but not everything because they cannot be at all places at the same time. On the other hand, a virtual security system is capable of covering many areas at the same time and can detect crime before it happens.

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