5 Elements of a Good Commercial Security System

May 15, 2022
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Were you aware that workplace crime costs US companies an estimated $50 billion annually? With crime rates so high and businesses taking such immense losses, it makes sense to consider installing a good commercial security system if you’re a business owner. 

No matter what type of business you own, whether it be a restaurant, a manufacturing facility, a healthcare facility, or a warehouse, you can benefit from a good commercial security system. Yet, at Sentry Communications, we know it can be challenging to determine what this type of security system looks like in the modern workplace.

We will discuss the five elements of a good commercial security system in our article. Since technological advancements have revolutionized the security systems for businesses in the last few years, there are many new security additions you need that can keep you, your employees, and your company safe. 

What Are The Five Elements Of A Good Commercial Security System?


Let’s look at the components of a good commercial security system below so that you know what your company needs to stay safe. 


For years, commercial companies have utilized CCTV as a form of surveillance in areas that require strict supervision. Although analog CCTV cameras are still used, most companies opt for digital CCTV cameras as they have more features and are considered more accurate. 

These cameras use multiple video cameras to transmit special signals through a network of monitors. Most digital CCTV cameras provide businesses with thorough surveillance 24/7, so they are a vital element of a good commercial security system. 

Power System Backups

No one can ever know when a power failure or outage will occur. When outages occur, many businesses have an increased chance of experiencing criminal activity because security systems go offline. 

Typically, one of the best ways to ensure this is not a problem a business faces is to install power system backups. Usually, it’s best to go with a generator backup power system or a solar-powered battery system to keep your commercial security system on when the lights go out. 

Access Control

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, three out of four company employees have stolen commercial property. It’s proven that an access control system can prevent some of the theft that occurs. 

These systems act as digitized networks that electronically control movement in and out of a commercial building. With an access control system as part of a security system, a company can monitor and control the movement of authorized personnel. This will ensure less criminal activity occurs. 

Alarms and Sensors

One of the most common elements of a good commercial security system is an alarm and multiple sensors. Alarms and sensors will alert the authorities when someone is trying to break into a business. Alarms have various functions and capabilities, with high-end models able to dial a phone number, silently alert the authorities, report a human operator, and sound sirens.

Additionally, although there are different types of sensors, the common ones include:


Intercom Systems 

Another critical component of a good commercial security system is an intercom system. Intercom systems act as two-way communication devices that are capable of transmitting and receiving audio and video (depending on the model). 

These systems are incredibly useful in emergencies to warn others of security breaches and other hazards that pose a security risk. 

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